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The Bio Shield 11B

The Bio Shield Product Line uses scalar wave technology and emits frequencies that produce many different effects upon the human psyche ranging from increased intuition, to protection from the emissions of electromagnetic radiation. The Bio Shield 11B model comes with 10 pre-set frequencies plus 90 additional frequencies ranging from 1.0 - 9.9 Hz.

Pricing is for US orders only. Please contact us for international rates.

Due to the demand of the updated Bio Shield, inventories are low at this time. Please email info@hbsdesign.com before purchasing.


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Bio Shield Product Manual

Click the link above to open the document in the current window, or download the Bio Shield Operators Manual to your computer by doing the following: On a Windows based PC, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" OR on a Macintosh system, click and hold your mouse over the link and choose "Save Target As".

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